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5/6 * Let’s take a drum lesson♪

A few weeks ago, the day I have to return to Japan was decided. It is the end of June! So there are two months remaining to me.At the same time, I asked myself if there was something that I wanted to do but I hadn't done yet, and I found i…

2/16 * Happy surprise for me. 嬉しいサプライズ

The day was just same as every day. However, something special happened to me! この日はいつもと変わらぬ普通の1日、だったのだけれど、ちょっと特別なことがありました。

12/31 * The last day in Alaska... ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day6~

It was the last day in Alaska. We didn’t do anything special, just spent time relaxing and remembering our days there. 6日間のアラスカ滞在も、今日で最後。最終日は特別なことは何もせず、ここでの日々を思い出しながらのんびり、ゆったりと過ごし…

12/30 * The fascinating auroras! ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day5‐2~

It was the last night for auroras, and fortunately, the time we had waited eagerly for was coming, eventually! オーロラのための、最後の夜。待ちわびたその時が、ついにやってきました…!

12/30 * Driving snowmobil ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day5‐1~

We had told Mrs. Pat we hoped to drive a snowmobile if we could. She told us she could reserve it the night before, so we were supposed to take on the challenge of driving snowmobile during the afternoon!この日は、出来ることなら運転したい…

12/29 * Fixing the dog sled trail ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day4~

We were supposed to finish the three-day multi-activity package after having breakfast, so it was almost a free day. We were going to help Mrs. Pat and Mr. Ed fix the trail for dog sleds. 3泊の食事付パッケージが朝食後に終了し、基本フリー…

12/28 * Ice fishing ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day3~

We had a fun activity on the third day in Alaska.It was ice fishing! アラスカ3日目の明るいうちのお楽しみ、今日はアイスフィッシングです!

12/27 * The second night for auroras ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day2-2~

We were all psyched up for seeing auroras. That’s because the acquaintances who we ran into at the Chena Hot Springs told us they watched amazing bands of colored light of auroras the night before even though we had not been able to see th…

12/27 * Chena Hot Springs ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day2-1~

It was the second day of my traveling to Alaska. We went to the Chena Hot Springs Resort during the daytime. It is famous for their hot springs the healing water flowing directly from underground, and because of this fact, it is a unique p…

12/26 * The first Northern lights; Auroras! ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day1-2~

It was like a long first day, but even the time flew fast!We ate dinner, and waited for auroras! 長いようであっという間だった初日。夕ごはんをいただき、いよいよオーロラを待ちます!

12/26 * A dog sled!🐕 ~アラスカ・オーロラの旅 Day1-1~

The first morning in Alaska! The sunrise in Alaska was around 11 AM on that day, so it was almost noon when it was getting light. We ate breakfast when it was still dark, and after a while, we stood by the hotel until Mrs. Pat and Mr. Ed p…

12/25 * Off to Alaska on Xmas night. ~Xmasの夜、アラスカへ~

The departure time to Fairbanks in Alaska was 23:20.It was Xmas night and we had enough time to eat dinner at home, so I prepared a special dinner for Xmas! We ate the dinner, and then left our apartment for the airport.予約したアラスカ・…

12/10 * Class Party! the last day of the fall quarter

It was the last day of the fall quarter, and we had a class party! I was looking forward to coming the day. この日は秋のEASL最終日、ということで、授業ではなくパーティー!私は今日の来る日をとても楽しみにしていました~。

12/5 * Portland again! ~ポートランド再び!~

To pick up our mattress, we did go to Portland again on the next Saturday, Dec 5th, after we had visited the shop before! ポートランド旅行に出かけたちょうど翌週の土曜、12/5。私たちは再びポートランドへ出向き、あのマットレス屋さんを再訪しま…

12/1 * Birds flying south.🐦

In the morning on Dec 1st, I run into a lot of birds flying south on the way to my English class.月日はあっという間に流れ、いつの間にやら師走。この日はEASLの学校に行く途中、たくさんの鳥たちが南に向かって飛んでいく様子を目撃しました。

11/27 * About my Black Friday in Portland. ~2度目のポートランド Day2~

Last Friday, which was the second day of traveling Portland, was not just another Friday, but special because of Black Friday! ポートランド旅行2日目。今回も前回に続き、日本語&Englishでお届けします~。

11/26 * Trip to Portland on Thanksgiving Day! ~2度目のポートランド Day1~

I've never written my diary in English before, but this time I tried!I wrote about my Thanksgiving Day in Portland.I'm glad if you read and have fun.アメリカに来てもうすぐ半年。と、いう訳で、今回は思い切って日本語&Englishで!1泊2日で出…